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Claw is a minimalist skateboard display system with clean lines for installing skateboards on a wall. It was designed to be easy to install, solid and above all, invisible. Transparent screws are used for a discreet look, while white color brings a sleek design.

Featured with standard truck holes, Claw is compatible with skateboards and cruisers of any shape, and it takes only 1 minute to install. It can be adjusted with ease, and requires only one small nail to be fixated on the wall.

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Our Claw single skate deck display was made to enhance the modern piece of artwork that you hang on your wall, which is a skateboard !

The small, nearly square shaped design of the claw hanger and the transparent screws will appear to be so discreet behind and in front of your decks, that you will forget about them ! 

The white sleek color of the Claw display was thought to blend perfectly with the usual white color of walls. You will only need one nail per Claw to hang it solidly to your wall : nails aren’t furnished in the pack.

Except for the screws, the whole Claw is made of one piece of industrial metal. This material is way more solid and sustainable than others. When plastic and wood can break or crack, the metal Tiger Claw will remain long lasting.

You can choose to present your deck vertically or horizontally, depending on the disposition of the artwork, just note that you will need two Claws for a horizontal display.

Of course if you want to hang a diptych, a triptych or a huge piece of several skateboards, you will need the right amount of Claws, which means you will have to count 1 hanger per skate deck. Don’t hesitate to check on our 10 or 50 Claws package to fill your house’s walls with beautiful skateboard art !

Tigerclaw Supplies and Christies have partnered to present this auction of 250 Supreme skateboards, all displayed with one of our Claws. To discover the article on The Daily Board, follow this link.

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Weight 0,17 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 6,2 cm

15 reviews for 1 Claw, skateboard display

  1. Heather

    Arrived quickly in a nice white box. Excellent quality and design looks very professional. Many thanks.

  2. Kathryn

    there are no better attachments for decks, looks great on the wall!

  3. Tobin

  4. Yannick

  5. Devin

  6. Dwayne

    Not cheap but does what it was made for well

  7. Martin

    Easy to mount, looks good.

  8. Samuel

    Does what it should and is easy to assemble. However, the delivery took a long time.

  9. Antoine

  10. Robin

    Solid product

  11. Nino

    The bracket holds and looks good, but costs quite a bit at 14 euros, especially if you want to mount several decks.

  12. Barbara

    This is very effective for setting up a board horizontally. I also did it to display a board vertically. It works well but it’s expensive to install a single board.

  13. Justine

  14. Sébastien

  15. Mike

    Ideal to hang a board without struggling

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