Jarrod Bryan

From his studio in San Francisco, CA, Jarrod Bryan has worked as an independent designer and art director for over a decade.

Passionate about skateboarding since day one, he’s collaborated with brands from our industry designing soft and hard goods for Real Skateboards, Element Brand, Rasa Libre, Adidas, Nike, and Atlas Skateboarding, just to name a few. 

We are super proud to have him here!


☞ www.instagram.com/jarrodbryan

I fell in love with skateboarding in 1988 and I’ve been faithful ever since.

I was deeply inspired not only the by the pure act of skateboarding but also by the graphics. 

I can still remember the first shop I went to, graphics popping off the board wall, amazing board shapes, apparel, stickers, the smell of urethane…

I love designing board graphics and working within the boundaries of that canvas. Seeing the finished product in the streets, in a magazines, videos, or on a preserved on a wall, is the most fulfilling experience.”