Lucas Beaufort

The French visionary painter Lucas Beaufort first became known by drawing on covers of skate magazines such as Sugar, Thrasher or Transworld Skateboarding.

From one thread to another, he came out of this medium to go on canvas, murals and skateboards. From custom decks to collaboration with brands. He made and still makes skate graphics for skateshop or brands such as Zero, Solowood, Real or Sk8mafia.

Glad to count on you as our Art Friend!

“…everyone has gone by skate, with highs and lows, but there is something strong around that. I met photographers, artists, graphic artists who gravitate in this environment. There are so many nuggets in there that I wanted to be. I also played soccer when I was a kid and I did not feel that, this desire to create. If I had skateboarding in football I would see things differently, I would probably do stuff with Olive and Tom [laughs].”