10 Claws pack, skateboard displays


This 10 Claws pack was imagined for you to have many choices of skate deck displays wall mount.

We created the Claw as a simple deck display, with minimalist clean lines to remain as discreet as possible behind your board. In front of it, the transparent plastic screws will be nearly noticeable.
Long story short, our deck display system was made to highlight the skate art ! 

Super easy to install, with this 10 Claws pack you will only need 10 nails (and a little hammer) to fix the decks the way you wish on your walls.

Don’t need to worry about compatibility, the Claw will fit any standard truck holes, from any size of skateboards to cruisers of any shape.

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Composed of 10 pieces of Claw original deck hangers, made of one piece of solid metal in a white sleek color, furnished with transparent screws. Classy and functional.

This pack was thought to be multi-purposed like hanging a huge piece of several skateboards wall mount right next to each other, or a smaller (but still cool) piece of  horizontally displayed skateboards. 

Of course you can also use the Claws separately and dispatch them all over your wall, your room or even over the whole house to create a pro look-alike place ! 

You’re an artist willing to do some art on skateboards ? Check out our nude decks, especially created to be customised !

Also, we sponsor skateboard exhibitions such as Spraying Board. Check out the pictures of the first edition on The Daily Board to see the wall hangings in a real context.

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Weight 1,7 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 6,2 cm