Tigerclaw Supplies

“Our goal is to push creativity around skate and art.”

TIGERCLAW Supplies is a young, design-driven manufacturer of skate goods, aiming to support artists and art lovers to present art on skateboards.


Founded by two creatives and skate graphic enthusiasts with a goal to explore creativity around skate and art, TIGERCLAW was born after the first collaboration of a skate deck series.

From local artists to skateboard collectors, everyone should be able to create and express individuality through their decks.


The idea of TIGERCLAW starting to grow in our minds one night in 2018, when Ken received 2 skateboards. Hoping to decorate his studio with these brand-new boards, Keflione spent hours on the Internet trying to find an effective system to install them. But his attempt was fruitless. The next day, he called Romain to express his frustration, and proposed to create their own installing solutions.

A few months later, the final prototype was ready and the first production of skate binding was launched. Without further ado, it was shipped to Romain in France and not soon after orders started to come from all over the world.


Claw is a minimalist system with clean lines for installing skateboards on a wall. It was designed to be easy to install, solid and above all, invisible. Transparent screws are used for a discreet look, while white color brings a sleek design.


Featured with standard truck holes, Claw is compatible with skates and cruisers of any shape, and it takes only 1 minute to install. It can be adjusted with ease, and requires only one small nail to be fixated on the wall.


Both passionate about skate and art, the founders
have been instrumental in this movement since day one.

Ken aka keflione

Keflione is a French artist & illustrator based in Shanghai, China. In 2013, he and his wife founded the creative studio & production house, Royalclub, where he dedicates his time to art and design projects for Nike, Converse, Pepsi, Coca Cola and many more brands.



Romain Hurdequint

Romain has been writing about skate and art on TheDailyBoard since 2011. In 2018, he released the ‘Skate Art’ book with the publishing house Cercle d’Art.

His book is currently sold worldwide in bookstores including the ones at MOMA in New York and Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris.




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