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Deck Display

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Install skateboards in a clean & invisible way.

We imagine the CLAW to be easy to install, solid and most of all, invisible. For that, we choose to make it white, with a very fine design and by using transparent screws.

We make it quick & easy to mount.

Claw is compatible with skate and cruiser of any shape, with standard truck holes and takes only 1 minute to install. 

Ohh it's almost too discreet.

The system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible: painted entirely in white and with clear screws and nuts. To ensure a good solidity, we chose to do it entirely in metal.

3 steps.

  1. Put the screws in the holes & fix the Claw,
  2. Place the Claw to the screw of your wall,
  3. Contemplate your beautiful skateboard.

Yeah, it’s that simple!

+ TheDailyBoard =


After a first collaboration on a skate deck series, Ken from RoyalClub & Romain from TheDailyBoard chose to create together TIGERCLAW Supplies, a skate binding that will allow them to effectively display their collection of skate decks.


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