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How do you hang a skateboard on the wall with and without drilling?

Today, not everyone has the desire or the ability to make holes in the walls of his home. That’s why we have prepared a guide with all the ways to hang your skateboard, making holes or without making holes in the wall.

Hang a deck with a nail or a screw

We doesn’t hide it, the simplest and especially the most solid is of course to make a hole in its wall. However, you don’t necessarily need to take your drill and make a big hole to put a strong dowel in your wall. Indeed, as the skateboard is a light object (generally 1.2 kg), no need to do too much.


Rather nail or rather screw

The first and only rule here: use what you have! Whether you only have nails or screws on hand, don’t worry, both work just fine. From experience, after hanging hundreds of boards (like at the Supreme auction at Christie’s), we found that both worked equally well. So if you have both available, you might as well go with the one that will do the least damage to your wall: the screw. Grab your hammer and hit the nail to drive it in.

Choose a relatively short screw (about 3 cm) and drive it in a little more than halfway. This will ensure that it will hold well in the wall. We recommend that you do not drive it straight in horizontally. For strength, it is best to have the head planted slightly downward. If you don’t have a hammer, use a screw. Use a screwdriver to place the screw in the wall. Be careful to go slowly and in the same way as for the nail, that the head is planted down and that at least half is in the wall.


Using a shoelace or a fishing line

That’s it, your nail is in place. Now, what to do to hang the skateboard on it? The two cheapest solutions are: shoelace or clear wire. If you only have a shoelace on hand, go with that. If you don’t, we strongly advise you to use a transparent fishing line.

Why? Simply because in addition to the aesthetic side, it will be much more resistant. Indeed, it has already happened to us that the shoelace loosens with time and ends up making the board unhooked. On the other hand, the fishing line is stronger and once the double knot is in place, there is almost no chance that it will come loose.

You then simply tie the double knot over the screw and you’re done. The difficulty with this method is that you will have trouble positioning your board perfectly. Let me explain: the fishing line holds the board to the wall, but it doesn’t block it. Your board can therefore swing at the slightest gust of wind.


Using an DIY hanger or a Tigerclaw wall mount


Skateboard hang with a screw on an exhibition

Hang a skateboard without nail