Tigerclaw coin pouch


A sleek and compact tigerclaw coin pouch, crafted with high-quality rubber for durability and style. Elevate your daily essentials with this functional and fashionable accessory.

Let the tiger keep your fortune!

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Introducing our exclusive white rubber coin pouch designed by our Team. Crafted from rubber material, this pouch ensures resilience against the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. The minimalist yet striking design showcases a fierce tiger logo, capturing the essence of strength and agility.

The compact size is perfect for skateboarders on the go, fitting seamlessly into pockets or bags without adding unnecessary bulk. The white hue adds a touch of urban chic, while the rubber construction provides water-resistant properties, safeguarding your essentials during unpredictable skate sessions.

Open the pouch to reveal interior with compartment for coins or condoms. The shape guarantees that your items stay in place, even during the most dynamic maneuvers. Embrace both style and functionality with this white rubber coin pouch, an essential accessory for skaters who appreciate quality and bold design.

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