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Install skateboards in a clean & invisible way.

Claw is a new wall fixing system with a very clear function : to install skateboards on the wall in a clean and invisible way.

Our goal was to create something solid, simple and smart. The system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible with its white colorway and clear screws ans nuts. We also chose to make it entirely in metal so it’s extra reliable.

The design was done in the simplest way possible to ensure a discreet look once installed.

We make it quick & easy to mount.

Claw is compatible with skate and cruiser of any shape, with standard truck holes and takes only 1 minute to install. 

Ohh it's almost too discreet.

The system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible: painted entirely in white and with clear screws and nuts. To ensure a good solidity, we chose to do it entirely in metal.

3 steps.

  1. Put the screws in the holes & fix the Claw,
  2. Secure the Claw to the wall anchor,
  3. Show off your beautiful skateboard.

Yeah, it’s that simple!

+ TheDailyBoard =


After a first collaboration on a skate deck series, Ken from RoyalClub & Romain from TheDailyBoard chose to create together TIGERCLAW Supplies, a skate binding that will allow them to effectively display their collection of skate decks.


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